no translation needed.

I don’t care what your gender is, I’m calling you dude.


Whenever one of my annoying classmates speaks

I just wanna be like:

But since I’m a good person, I just look at them like:

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30 Day Music Challenge

Two days in one, yet again.

Day 6. Have You ever been in a band?

*tear* Sadly I have not.. I’ve always wanted to be, though. Something that’s a mixture of 7Seconds and SFH/LOC would be amazing, but I don’t actually know anyone who likes the same music as me, so :’(

Day 7. Can you play instruments?

I play bass. Badly.

So true.

So true.

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Go to work. Send your kids to school. Vote for your leader. Pay taxes. Follow fashion. Believe in God. Act normal. Obey the law. Save for your old age. Support the war. Watch TV. Drink alcohol. Spend all your money on things you don’t need. Don’t do drugs. Don’t worry about those in need, Don’t follow your dreams. Stay at home. Stay stupid. Stay in fear. Continue your worthless life as a puppet. You are not free.


Leftover Crack - Gang Control

Policia, Policia why can’t you see?

Your bullets will never pacify meeeee

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Why are there so many songs about rainbows and who gives a fuck anyway?

The good, the bad, the fucking Leftover Crack

30 Day Music Challenge

I’ll do two days now, since I was ill the other day and couldn’t be bothered to drag myself over here.

Day 4. Which was the worst band you’ve seen live?

All the bands I’ve seen live have been good live (good performance etc) but the times I saw The Blackout were against my will (I can’t stand them; my friend dragged me D:) so I’d guess that they’d be the worst band I’ve seen live.

Day 5. Have you ever met someone in a band?

Not technically, but I hugged Chicken (Dead To Me) when he played in the crowd. That counts, yeah?





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